Why does Red e App need permission to access other features on my device?

Downloading an app on your personal device can often seem like an invasion of privacy, especially if the app begins asking for permissions. After you download Red e App, you may be asked several questions. Here’s a quick guide to help you understand Red e App’s privacy policy & why we ask for specific permissions.

Why does Red e App want to send me push notifications?

Your company will send valuable, time-sensitive messages through Red e App. Enabling push notifications allows you to instantly know when you have a new message. These notifications appear as a pop up on your phone, much like a text message.

Why does Red e App want to access my photos?

If you would like to send a photo using Red e App, you will be asked for access to your photos. If you’re using an Apple device and you do not wish to send photos, you can simply choose “no” and deny the permission. Red e App does not access any photos on your phone other than the photo you choose to send.
The main difference between how Google and Apple handle permissions is Google asks for ALL permissions up front and Apple asks WHEN you plan to use an application (like Photos).

Is Red e App using GPS technology to track my location?

No. Red e App does not use your phone’s GPS technology to track your location. When you connect to the app, you are routed to the correct company site/location based on your employee number, not based on your physical location.

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