Does Red e App use my mobile data? How much does it use?

In order to provide a secure messaging environment, Red e App uses data and does not use SMS or texting to send messages.

In order to minimize the amount of data used, we recommend that people join Wifi networks when available, especially at home or at work.

But, we realize that WiFi is not always available, and it's a priority at Red e App that our mobile app uses as little data as possible.

When Red e App is not open and in the 'background' on your phone, it is not using data. The data usage occurs when you actually open the app to read new messages and view attachments or video.

Here is a breakdown of the types of data usages for Red e App:

  • Messages containing only text/words ~25kb
  • Messages containing an image ~100-400kb
  • Messages containing an attachment (.pdf, .ppt, .xls, .doc, etc) depend on the attachment size, but could be anywhere from ~100kb-2mb
  • Messages containing video ~ 1-100mb depending on the video (100mb is the size limit for videos sent on Red e App)


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