How do I connect to my company?

Once you have created an account, you can connect to your company. By following the connection steps below, you will gain access to important resources, forms, and any new messages. 

After creating an account, you are directed to the connect screen. If you do not see this screen, click 'Connect to your company' in the left navigation menu.




You are prompted to type in the Network ID. This ID has been chosen by your company and in most cases is simply the name of your company. In some cases, it could be a company nickname or common company abbreviation. The Network ID never contains spaces and can be provided by your your supervisor, your HR team or our awesome support team by clicking on the Help! link below.

Once you enter the correct Network ID, you will be asked for a Redekey which is often your Employee ID or Payroll Number. For security reasons, our Support team cannot provide you with your Redekey. Reach out to your supervisor or someone on your HR team to retrieve this information.

If you receive an error message when entering your Network ID, please make sure your last name on your Red e App account matches your company's records. If you have recently changed last names, use two last names, have a hyphenated last name, suffixes, etc., be cognizant of this as they must be entered correctly on your account to allow you to connect. Use this article if you need to update your last name in the app.

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