Android Version: 4.15.0

Date: August 18, 2021

Hey everybody! We’ve got some cool updates in this week’s release, let’s take a look: 

  • Email, ugh, yeah we know… So we decided to bring on a new way to contact and communicate with our support team that will allow you to get all of the help you need directly in the app! Along with a built-in Help Center! Check out the new life preserver icon ( life-ring-light.svg ) in the side menu to get started. 
  • We’ve had some new colors and icons on the website for a little while and have now freshened up the mobile app to reflect those same changes. The synchronicity is just so satisfying 😊.

Let us know what you think of the updates!






Android Version: 4.14.0

Date: May 25, 2021

What's new? Saved Messages -- that's what!

The new Saved Messages section will keep track of messages that you have saved. Just press-and-hold on that important message in a Conversation (or swipe left, depending on your device) and you'll have the option to keep it in a special section for future reference. 


Hope this 'saves' your day!






Android Version: 4.12.0

Date: March 23, 2021

Included in the recent releases... 

  • We gave conversations a bit of a facelift, freshening up the colors and rearranging some of the information to keep things looking good and make sure the right information is easy to find.
  • One new piece of information in your conversations is the little megaphone icon on some messages, which lets you know that the message was sent to multiple people. If you open up that message and tap on the megaphone in the message details, you see who else received it. This will help you know if a message was sent to a group, or just to you.
  • When searching for people, it was sometimes hard to tell who was who if multiple people had the same name. You can now see each person's job title and location (if they have it filled out in their profile) right there in the results so you can be sure your message is getting to the correct person.
  • Speaking of those profiles, we added some extra labels to your profile fields to help you make sense of the information displayed.

Thanks for using Red e App! And if you're having a tough day, we're sending you... 






Android Version: 4.9.0

Date: December 8, 2020

(We changed quite a bit since the last version of Redeapp, so there's a lot here. But if you're in a hurry, we suggest at least reading this first part!)

This update introduces some changes to the way you will see messages if you are in more than one Redeapp network (if this doesn't apply to you, scroll down to the bullets).

With this new update, inboxes will be separated by network. You can view messages in different inboxes and switch between networks using a new simple toggle that you can find by swiping to the right. If you’re thinking, “toggle schmoggle, what does this even mean?” Just swipe to the right to see the network switcher!

Some other changes in this update:

  • Icons throughout the app got a nice refresh and are more consistent across different sections.
  • Whenever you tap on a Redeapp message notification on your phone, it should now bring you to the conversation for that message instead of just seeing that one message.




As always, we're here to help! Contact support@redeapp.com with any questions or feedback.




Android Version: 4.8.6

Date: November 5, 2020

Included in recent releases... 

  • We've added Do Not Disturb functionality! You can mute individual conversations (press and hold the conversation), or you can snooze all of your notifications for a while. Check it out in the Settings menu. 
  • If you send messages to groups, you'll now have more insight into who is or isn't connected to Redeapp. Now it's easier than ever to tell if Gary from marketing is in that "Marketing" group or not.

We have several key Redeapp updates coming in the next few weeks - stay tuned as we do our best to bring some good into 2020 😁






Android Version 4.8.2

Date: September 22, 2020

Included in this release... 

  • Shift Notifications! For our friends using Shifts, you can now get notified when new shifts are posted in your groups. Make sure you're the first to know if an open shift is posted so you can pick up a few extra hours!

If you've never used Redeapp shifts, but think it sounds awesome, reach out to your HR team! We'd love to help you get started. 




Android Version: 4.7.1

Date: September 1, 2020

Included in this release... 

  • We made improvements to increase message delivery speed - because we know that your messages are critical, and the sooner they arrive, the better!
  • There was an issue with hashtags causing parts of your message to #Disappear. So we #FixedIt.

As always, this release includes a few behind-the-scenes updates and enhancements to keep things running smoothly. Thanks for using Red e App! And if you're having a tough day, remember... 



Android Version: 4.7.0

Date: June 16, 2020

This update includes lots of work behind the scenes, but you won’t notice changes in the app. So, what else is new? Here are two important updates we’ve made in the last few months to make your Redeapp experience even better:

  • Teams! If your company has our brand new feature - (user-created) Teams enabled, you'll be able to create your own group conversations.
  • Better formatting! Line breaks will be better preserved in your messages, and most website links should automatically be detected.

What new feature would you like to see in Redeapp? Send us an email at support@redeapp.com. We’d love to hear from you!

Sending you hugs & good health!




Android Version: 4.6.0

Date: April 28, 2020

  • Security! We’ve updated a few security features to help keep your messages safe.
  • Duplicate Messages! We squashed a bug that was causing your messages to occasionally appear as duplicates.

This is your friendly reminder that Redeapp support is always here to help! 🙂 Reach out through the Support link in the app, or email us at support@redeapp.com.


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